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Waterfront holiday homes and b&b; nature, private river beach and much more …

Situated between Coimbra and the Serra da Estrela mountains, between Lisbon and Porto, lies Retiro no Rio, a beautiful estate measuring almost 10 hectares, of which approximately one kilometre stretches out on the left shore of the Rio Mondego.
Literary translated, Retiro no Rio means a place to relax (retreat) at the river, a name that suits this estate perfectly.

The Mondego Valley is a protected area.

This nature reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as foxes, wild boars, martens, mongooses, genets, otters, hedgehogs and squirrels. Regular guests are the red kite, the osprey, the hoopoe and the kingfisher. The unspoilt countryside is the perfect spot for hikes, ATB and kayak trips. Carp and pike-perch fishing is also an option.

Water gates at Barragem da Aguieira, a large reservoir approximately 20 kilometres downstream, regulate the water level of the river. In the spring these gates will be partially closed, to be opened again at the end of the summer. Consequently, the river is quite wide during the summer months, making all sorts of watersports possible, whereas in winter the river takes its original course.

Most of the estate consists of forest, olive trees and river beach.

The trees varying from mainly pines to oak trees, birch trees, mimosa, medronhos, some eucalyptus and a few fig trees. You will find fruit trees and a number of centuries-old olive trees on an open pasture. This meadow leads to the river, where it turns into an enclosed cove, with a very private river beach (depending on the water level).

At the estate you will find the main building, a salt water swimming pool (7 x 12 m) and a multipurpose room of 85m2 that can be closed off, ideal for organising a (family) reunion, party or retreat. At the site of the buildings the river bends, causing a magnificent view over the river in three directions. The distance between buildings and riverbank is more or less 30 meters.

In the main building there are several comfortable rooms and apartments all on the ground floor. Each apartment has its own spacious terrace from which you can enjoy the beautiful view over the river.

Home grown ingredients.

In the morning breakfast will be served on our cosy covered terrace overlooking the river, whereas in the evening we invite you to join us at our dinner table. The meals are prepared with home grown ingredients. There is also a very cosy room with a bar in the main building, which will be used for those occasions where eating outside is not possible due to weather conditions.

There is a breeze on the river almost every afternoon during the warm summer months (May-October). Therefore there are no mosquitos. Most of the year (even during the winter months) temperatures are pleasant. However, evenings can be nippy, especially in the winter months, so needless to say that a cardigan or jersey would come in handy.

To ensure tranquility for our guests as much as possible, the minimum age for children is 16 years.
The age limit does not apply for the exclusive use (group bookings) of Retiro no Rio.
Retiro no Rio is registered as 45896/AL in the Registo Nacional de Turismo Portugal.

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