Caravan Hobby

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  • A luxury and modern four person caravan placed under a large sunroof.
  • The caravan is equipped with a 3-burner stove, refrigerator, heating and garden furniture.
  • Bedlinnen, towels, gas and electricity are included.
  • Parking for your car next to the caravan.
  • There is plenty of space to place an extra tent
  • Tents with mattresses and bedding are for rent.
 Mid season
1 April - 29 June
1 Sept - 31 Oct
High season
30 June -31 August
Night35,- (min. 3 nights)40,- (min. 5 nights)
Every additional person >2 per night7,507,50
Extra tent (max. 3p) per night5,-5,-
Discount ≥ 14 nights20%

Prices are in Euros and based on 2 persons.
Bed linen, towels, gas and electricity are included.

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