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You will find the Mondego Massage practice at Retiro no Rio.
Appointments can be made for a number of massages, like:

  • Sports massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Chair massage

Your hostess will perform the massages. She is a professional masseuse, having obtained the NGS-certificate (Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage, i.e. Dutch Society of Sports Massage). This certificate is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

The direct effects of a massage
A good massage will result in a pleasant relaxation. The masseuse will pay special attention to stiff and painful muscles. Because the body will relax, all kinds of stress related effects (strain related headache, chronic tirednesAs, cricked neck, aching back, sleeplessness) can be eased. You will also notice that a relaxed body will make it easier to reach mental relaxation, thereby breaking the negative spiral of stress and physical symptoms.

Sports massage is designed both for professional sportsmen and for people that play recreational sports. Professional massage and advice will cure any injury better and more quickly. Even if there are no complaints it is advisable to see a sports masseur. Feeling better physically and an improved function of the muscles will reduce the risk of injuries. Your muscles will function better through specific massage. Therefore massage is a very effective aid for your training.

Relaxation massage mainly concentrates on the back, shoulders and neck. The massage oil used in this case is slightly aromatized. Most important is the relaxation of both body and mind.

Chair massage is based on the age-old Japanese way of pressure massage. This massage takes place on top of the clothes and on a specially designed ergonomic chair. This massage is meant to prevent arm, neck and shoulder complaints and can take place on almost any location (of work).

When not to have a massage?

  • In case of fever
  • General contagious disease, e.g. influenza
  • Extreme tiredness and exhaustion, e.g. after a tremendous performance
  • Poor general health
  • Internal disease (heart, tumours, etc.), or neurological, traumatic or mental disorders
  • Skin disorders, in particular contagious skin disorders and furuncles

Massage can take place if the disorders are localized, taking into consideration the affected area (e.g. varicose veins or bruising). Also pregnant women can have a (specially adapted) massage.

Please note that the advice/treatments offered are complimentary to and certainly not a substitution for medical care.